Thumb rings


Jeg har ftt litt dilla p bruke brede ringer p tommelen. Kjpte jo disse for en evighet siden, og har brukt dem med varierende hell - de er nemlig i en "mellomstrrelse" slik at de er akkurat litt for store for ringfingeren og akkurat litt for sm for langfingeren. Heldigvis passer de ganske s fint p tommelen min! (den p venstrehnden alts, den andre er for tjukk)

I'm just obsessed with wearing broad rings on my thumb. I bought these like forever ago, and I've used them with varying degrees of luck: You see, they're in this middle size, which means that they are just a little too big to fit my ring finger and just a little too small to fit my middle finger. Oh well, luckily they fit my thumb quite nicely! (the left one, that is, the other is too fat)

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