Wildfox: Daisy's Girls

ALL PICTURES: ilovewildfox.com(where there's also much more from the shoot)

Designer Kimberley Gordon describes: "It's amazing how we are approaching the 20's again, but for our generation! I was really inspired by this decade for the first time in my life. Generally, I'd found the subject a bit dull, but after re-reading The Great Gatsby I realized it really felt so Wildfox! Parties all the time, driving into town, spending money, falling in love, big mansions and gardens, the ocean, brewing your own alcohol, best friends and broken hearts...it's just so amazingly fun. It was all sparkle, true love, dancing, and champagne!" She adds, "So many quotes from Gatsby feel extremely Wildfox and this one inspired the 4 characters in for the collection: 'In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.'"

And the girl photographed with her head on the table with a stack of pancakes (and in other positions, of course) is called Kristine Frseth and is indeed Norwegian. And that is cool!

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